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Enertrac Hub Motor 10kw Cont 20kw peak
Enertrac Hub Motor 20kw
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MHM602: Two turn winding motor

MHM603: Three turn winding motor

Power output: 10KW continuous @ 25c ambient temperature

Protection: thermally protected with kelly controller

Typical voltage needed:


10 RPM/Volt

72 volts for 45 MPH with 18 X 3.5 tire
96 volts for 60 plus MPH with 18 X 3.5 tire


7 RPM/Volt

72 volts for 30 MPH with 18 X 3.5 tire
96 volts for 45 plus MPH with 18 X 3.5 tire

Typical current demand:

At 72 volts and 45 MPH < 50 amps
At 96 volts and 60 MPH < 95 amps

At 72 volts and 30 MPH < 33 amps
At 96 volts and 45 MPH < 50 amps

These voltage and current results were obtained using a 325 pound motorcycle with a 170 pound rider on a flat road with little to no headwind your results will vary depending on motorcycle, rider weight, and conditions. EnerTrac does not guarantee voltage and current specifications, but provide them as a guide to help the customer chose the correct battery for their build.

Swing arm width needed: 7.5 inches needed for installation with torque arm

Wheel size: WM3 style 36 hole 18 X 2.15

Color: Motor Black, Rim Silver

Purchasing the MHM602 the buyer will receive full engineering support of the EnerTrac team. We will try to ensure that the customer has a successful outcome to their build. This support includes free design and manufacture of a custom torque arm, free interface of an approved disc rotor (disc rotor not included) and all engineering support needed. Of course Enertrac can’t guarantee a successful build and in the end it will depend on your skills to make a successful build happen but if you have the skills EnerTrac is there for you to answer any questions that may come up in the course of your project.

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